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Hey Awesome ones,

There’s a line in a song that says “We only get so many Summers” and it’s so true when you think of it. That’s why this blog is about” the chair that is waiting for you”.

Somewhere this Summer, if you’re paying attention, you’ll find it beckoning to you.  It’s waiting for you to take a seat and take some well-deserved solitary moments to ponder, dream and feel an attitude of gratitude. A place where you can deeply inhale and breathe as you look out onto a lake, a beach, a park or even your own backyard.
Many of us, myself included, don’t seem to take enough of these moments in our busy lifestyles. I know for me, the thought of sitting in a chair and gazing into the sunset used to make me… well, a bit antsy, but not anymore. I learned a few years ago that once I get past the first 2 minutes and really snuggle into a comfy chair that I start to re-charge, lower my blood pressure and become one with the beauty of nature and what’s around me. I also find myself in that amazing “attitude of gratitude” as I ponder how lucky I am to be here with all the blessings that I have in my life. I also realize any problems that I may have are simply situations to be solved and I drift back into the magic of the moment.

So the next time there seems to be a setting that catches your eye, take a moment or two. The universe has probably prepared a special place for you. Take a seat, your chair was waiting.