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OK, let’s face it, many of us over 50s don’t have the tiny waistlines we used to have in our 20s.
Although I think that having a healthy body weight is important I don’t think that working out at a gym everyday to get ripples and just eating carrots is the way to be now…or ever for that matter. What’s important is to know that sometimes we have some bloating or sometimes (or most of the time) we have those folds that we want to hide. So I’ve come up with 10 tips to help hide your tummy with clothing. They’ve been carefully thought out and I use these tips for myself regularly as I certainly don’t have the body at 62 that I did when I was modelling in the 1980s.  I have provided links here to similar items to those in the video but in some cases not an exact match. (Scroll down on this page to find them) We have below some links if you would like to browse and perhaps purchase some of them. If you do order online make sure you know any delivery costs for your country including any applicable duty.  Look also at the upper right hand corner of the website and they may have an area to pick your country.  A big “Thank You” if you do since we make a little commission on a sale and really appreciate that!!  Heather

The shapewear I wear (beige)    Brief and Tummy Control in Beige   (Amazon)
The shapewear I wear (black)    Brief and Tummy Control in Black   (Amazon)
Shapewear with Straps BEIGE  (so it doesn’t ride down)  Tummy Control in Beige with straps  (Amazon)
Shapewear with Straps BLACK (so it doesn’t ride down)   Tummy Control in Black with straps (Amazon)

Lightweight Camisoles (different colors available)   Lightweight Camisoles (Amazon)

Pants with high waistband   Pants with High Waistband   (Amazon)
Jeans with High Waistband & Stretchy   Jeans Stretchy with High Waistband (Amazon)

Ruched Top    Ruched Top (Amazon)
Ruched Dress   Ruched Dress (Amazon)

Empire Waist Dress   Empire Waisted Dress   (Amazon)
Empire Waisted Top   Empire Waist Tops   (Amazon)

Lightweight Flowy Overtop    Lightweight Overtop (Amazon)
Long Vests    Long Vests (Amazon)