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Hey Awesome ones,

Remember when you used to pack sandwiches, soda, snacks and put on some great tunes for a much anticipated ROAD TRIP?
Well about 6 months ago Bill and I decided that we wanted to go to a once-in-a-lifetime event in Ottawa to Canada’s 150th birthday bash.

The trip almost didn’t happen as we made at least 20 calls to hotels in the area and they were all booked up?! (it seems you have to plan these events 12 months ahead of time) but me being me,  I perservered and finally heard a voice say “yes we have a vacancy” This was music to my ears although the price of the room, not so much. However, it’s summertime and the splurge would be worth it for a mini vacation.

The morning of our big day we got that youthful feeling of anticipation. With the car all loaded up we hit the road with our favourite 70’s tunes blaring. Several hours, gas stations and washroom breaks later we were there! I have to say that during the big Canada Day 150th celebrations I felt like I was 18 again. After getting to the Parliament Building area in the morning, waiting in line-ups for hours, getting searched like we were boarding a plane we finally made it to the grounds. We left our hotel around 10 am and knew the big show didn’t start til around 9 pm but we were here! Whoo hoo!
We decided to fall asleep on the grass away from the crowds and snuggled into each other. Then the rain started. Even with our umbrella and raincoats, we got drenched.  Were we leaving? No way! We hung in there and after the skies cleared we cheered to the singers, dancers, celebrities and Prime Minister Trudeau as he and his wife did a great job as the masters of ceremonies.

With all the rain, waiting, mud and terrific show it felt like we were at Woodstock.  After the fireworks, a long walk back to our car and some chicken wings at a restaurant that was still open past midnight we finally made our way back to our hotel at 2:15 am and fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.
Was it all worth it? You betcha… and I think I even gained a few years to my life as those youthful endorphins kicked in.  There will be another road trip booked soon for sure and I can hardly wait!