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Hey Awesome Ones,

I find that these days putting on makeup isn’t as easy as it was in my twenties.

I need a little more “swoosh” in the outer corners of my eyes to upturn my aging down-turned eyes and some magic of eye shadow to un-hood my newly formed hooded lids.

I also have these dark spots that seem to show up in the morning and although I know there are treatments for them I have yet to find the right cream that works for me.  My only answer is two types of concealers to cover up the aging look of these, well… age spots.

I’ve been working on fixes to some sagging, bagging and creases and I’ve got a system now for the camouflaging and it’s down to less than 10 minutes.

The overall goal to my make-up routine is to look natural while applying a little more makeup to places I didn’t before.

I made a short video to help you learn some of my tips if you’re a woman in a similar situation and if you want to know where you can purchase some of the make-up products, here’s a link (you may have to paste it in your browser).

I know that true beauty comes from the inside but for me a little cover-up here and a little “swoosh” there gives me back a bit of confidence and I think that’s awesome.

(If you would like to find some of my makeup products, here’s a link within my blog) (you may need to copy and paste the url in your browser)