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Hi Awesome over 50’s, now that many of us are”right back at it” for the start of the year how does soaking in a hot tub or lazily swimming in a warm indoor pool sound for some rest and relaxation?

Did you know that many hotel chains allow day-passes for their pool areas at a fraction of what it costs to reserve a room? (usually around $40. for 12+ hours). There are also opportunities at spas where a manicure or inexpensive package can include use of the amenities such as saunas, steam rooms, mini pools and hot tubs.

Why wait til your next vacation to say “aaahhhh” as you relax those tired muscles and let healing waters dissolve some of the stress you’ve accumulated over the last few months or even years.

Plan a get-away by yourself or with a loved one (who you know needs this just as much as you) for a few hours.

The hot tub is ready, the towels are waiting and it’s your turn to feel “awesome”!