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Hey “Awesome over 50’s” , I looked at my wardrobe a while ago and it was mostly dark colors and boring.

“That’s so not me anymore!”,  I shirked as I scanned my dismal looking clothing.

If I want to feel awesome I want to zoom past the basic black clothes in a store and start picking something with a little more vibrancy and color.

Now I will admit that black outfits are slimming but I don’t want to pretend that I’m 20 anymore and skinny. I’m proud of being “me” and want to start radiating as an awesome 50+ year old.

So here’s my new coat. It was a bit of an investment but I’ve learned that investment pieces last the longest in my wardrobe.  The material is soft and warm and I love it.  Look at me jazzing it up with a leopard scarf!… So bold. So feisty. So non-boring!

So take a look at your wardrobe (guys too). Is it time to add a little color and life to it?

Brighten up your look and I hope it will make your days a bit more cheery and “awesome”!