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Hey Awesome over 50’s, sometimes if we just decide to get dressed up a bit and go out for a mini outing it can turn into something memorable.

I remember receiving these two lattes a while ago.  My hubby and I needed to get away from all the “stuff” going on and chose to visit a nearby cafe. What we were given were not just lattes but works of art!  They were almost too beautiful to drink. Our simple outing turned into a great conversation with the creator of these beauties. He was only in his 20’s but shared how he loved to see the look on customers faces when they received their special gift.  We all have talents and ways of giving and this was his.

Now you may not be as lucky as we were but sometimes you can still find joy or surprise in a simple outing. Many times at cafes I take a minute to study the new creations of coffee or teas their serving up or ask about a new cookie or pastry.

Life surprises us many times when we leave our comfort zone and get out there. A special something could be waiting for you, even if you’re just out for a mini outing, one that could make your day just a little more “awesome”.