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Hey Awesome over 50’s,

I suggest that everyone who lives in the Northern climates should have a big furry hat for the Winter.

The minute I tuck my head and ears into one of these beauties I feel I can brave the harshness of the cold and look kind of fashionable to boot!

Now my big furry hat is fake fur and I like it just fine. The styles and designs of today’s man-made fur is almost undetectable to the real thing.  I’ve even worn my furry hat out in rain, sleet and blizzards and it always bounces back and looks like when I bought it. ( it’s a couple of years old now).

I feel very European when I wear it, almost like Laura in Dr. Zhivago (cue music… Somewhere my Love).

So the next time you are searching for a cap, or pom-pom hat for Winter maybe head over to the Dr. Zhivago section and make a bleak cold Winter’s day just a little more awesome!