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Hey Awesome ones, I have to admit that Bill and I don’t eat right. Sure I try to have some vegetables at dinner but for breakfast and lunch we are sadly lacking for our fruits and vegetables intake. We decided that we would invest in a great new blender and make a small commitment to have a frozen fruit smoothie each Tuesday and Thursday to start. We even bought the to-go tumblers for when we are traveling and some cool cups with lids and straws for when we’re at our desks or on the deck.

I can actually make a smoothie with 5 types of fruits in under 2 minutes with this system. You have to have a very good blender to blend the frozen fruit but the result is more energy, nutrients in our bodies and maybe even a help to a little weight loss.
We had a few bloopers during the making of this video but left them in.

Hope you enjoy it and start your own healthy routine.
Here’s the link