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Hey Awesome ones,

Now I know a 2 & 1/2 day vacation (especially when it takes 3 hours to get to the resort) seems like a waste of time and money but believe me, it was worth it!

As I write this blog my mind drifts back to that wonderful relaxing time and the memories seem to make a busy work week less hectic. It was a time that I needed desperately to relax, reflect and rest.

Today most of us are constantly bombarded with texts, emails and minor (and some major) crisis situations.

What kind of healing did my soul do as I sat in a kayak in the middle of the lake on a quiet Summer morning with only the splash of my oar in the water or the fluttering of geese as they swam just a few feet away?

How did my blood pressure lower as I sat around a bonfire beside a lake with only the crackle of firewood and the faint calling of a loon in the distance?

What a joy it was to see my husband being like a boy again as he jumped in the lake and left the busyness of being an entrepreneur behind for a few precious hours.

What a positive jolt to our marriage as we dined, swam, laughed and cuddled together remembering how we felt 20 years ago when our love was new.

We have done this before, as a matter of fact we try to get away to a lake at least once a year, but this time we wanted to share some of our memories for you by way of a video.

We really hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to take time by yourself  or with a loved one and find that 2 & 1/2 days can be totally awesome.