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Hey Awesome ones,
If you’ve been to a spa or salon to have a pedicure you know how relaxing and pampering the experience is. Well I thought I would try to replicate that with my at-home pampering tutorial for the toes and feet in this video.  Here I’ll show the soaking, exfoliating, moisturizing of the feet plus the shaping, buffing and application of polish and top coat that you can copy for your own spa day at home. So sit back and relax, enjoy the tips, then get those toes ready for the sandals or beach.
You’ve also been asking for names and where you can get many of the products I used in my video, so here they are for this one! We have below some links if you would like to browse and perhaps purchase some of them.  (scroll down to find the products) If you do order online make sure you know any delivery costs for your country including any applicable duty. Look also at the upper right hand corner of the website and they may have an area to pick your country. A big “Thank You” if you do since we make a little commission on a sale and really appreciate that!

Scrub for Feet   St Ives Body Scrub Fresh Skin Apricot  (Amazon)

Body Lotion used for Feet & Calves   Nivea Body Lotion  (Amazon)

Epson Salts for Soaking   Epson Salts for Soaking  (Amazon)

White Bath Robe  Soft Cotton Bath Robes  (Amazon)

White Cotton Bath Towels   White Cotton Bath Towels  (Amazon)

Spa Music  Music for Relaxation  (Amazon)

Foot Bath Tubs   Foot Bath Tubs  (Amazon)

Cream Earl Grey Tea   Loose Leaf Tea  (Amazon)

Toe Nail Clippers  Toenail Clippers   (Amazon)

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil    Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil  (Amazon)

Cuticle Pushers and Clippers   Cuticle Pushers and Clippers  (Amazon)

Toe Nail Emery Board Files  Emery Boards  (Amazon)

Crystal Nail Files  Crystal Nail Files  (Amazon)

Cracked Heel Files  Cracked Heel Repair  (Amazon)

Cracked Heel Socks   Cracked Heel Socks  (Amazon)

Nail Buffer Blocks   Nail Buffer Blocks  (Amazon)

Nail Polish Remover   Nail Polish Remover  (Amazon)

Blue Nail Polishes   Blue Choices for Nail Polish (Amazon)

Purple Nail Polishes   Purple Choices for Nail Polish   (Amazon)

Bright, Metallic & Wild Colors for Nail Polish   Bright and Metallic Nailpolishes (Amazon)

Pink  Polish   Pink Choices for Nails   (Amazon)

Gel Nail Polish & Sealants   Gel Nail Polish Packs and Sealants (Amazon)