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Join us on our journey of being over 50 as we share Fashion & Beauty info from "me" a former 80's model plus lifestyle, travel, food & fun info with my husband Bill & our little Yorkie! Embrace these years over 50 and make it awesome! - Heather

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Let me introduce Bill and myself and why I know life after 50 can be “awesome!” I have to admit I dreaded the thought of turning 50. I remember looking at myself the morning of my 50th and thinking… Huh?  There weren’t 6 more wrinkles, the girls were still perky and I was on a trip to “New York City!!” With a true glimmer of hope I thought, “I feel great for ½ a century” (did I just say that?) Anyway, maybe it was the vibe of the Big Apple or the fact the light was great on me at that hotel bathroom mirror but that day I decided to take a new lease on life and embrace my fabulous fifties!

Now, a decade later I’m feeling great about sharing how incredible life can be especially with my awesome husband in my life (we’ve been together for about 20 years) We are looking forward to 40 more years and beyond. We’ll talk about relationships, inspiration, beauty (both outside and you’re beautiful inner self), fun, health, relaxing,  family, regular dates with your spouse or significant other, entertaining, fashion and red wine (how’d that get in there)

So join us as we share our incredible journey together.
I’m so glad you’re here to share our awesome ride!