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Hey Awesome over 50’s,

It’s a New Year and if you’re like most of us you have your to-do list that will keep you busy until next December.

I can see it now… how you’re going to de-clutter, make your finances better, go to the gym…WAIT… What about those “me” moments?  You know the one’s where you plan an afternoon on the weekend for fun, relaxation or just to be in a somewhat Zen state. The moments where you can take those deep breaths and really exhale with the wonderful feeling of being fully present.

I’ve posted a photo here that I hope inspires you to take some “me” time this weekend (and maybe even book more into the future).

Make the holidays just a little longer by giving yourself one more gift, the gift to be good to yourself. Take time to savor the moments you set aside because, after all, you know deep down that you deserve it.