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Hey awesome ones, got the Winter blahs? Many of us need a few things to stay in the comfort zone when the weather outside is snowy, icey and freezing.That’s why I have a few of my go-to comfort items to help with making healthy food, warming up, and breathing in some healthy moisture laden air. Although many of our viewers are over 50, this video vlog could be great info for a man or woman in their 30s or 40s too. I also talk about setting aside some time on a snow day or weekend to rejuvenate and take the time to stay at home and get comfy. Maybe this Youtube video will help you get inspired to enjoy winter a little bit more. (scroll down for chili & broccoli soup recipe)

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Heather’s Home Made Chili (Serves 6)
(Serve With toast, bread or french stick)
1 Pkg (approx. 2 lb.) of lean ground beef
1 onion ( small chopped)
3 chopped celery stalks
1 (large) can (28 oz) of diced tomatoes (add to slow cooker with above meat)
2 cans of tomato soup (regular condensed sized cans)
6 heaping TSPs chili powder
1 can of red kidney beans (19 oz)
2 TSP of minced garlic
Salt & pepper to taste
5 dashes of tabasco sauce (or add more or less to your liking)
squirt of ketchup
1 TSP of vinegar or lemon juice
Brown meat with celery and onion. Remove any grease after cooking. Put in the slow cooker and slowly add rest of ingredients , stirring as you add. Cook in Slow Cooker on high for 3 to 4 hours. Reduce heat to medium if it’s going to sit longer.
I place leftovers in the fridge and then transfer to tupperware or freezer safe bowl and freeze for another snowfall!

Broccoli Cheese Soup (Made in Vitamix Blender, mine is 7500, unless you can find another brand that does this)
Preparation: 7 min. Processing in blender: 5-6 min. Serves: 1 large bowl 
1 cup skim or low fat milk (Heather uses 1/2 & 1/2 cream)
1/3 cup shredded medium or old cheese
1 cup fresh broccoli chopped & steamed
1 teaspoon onion, diced
1 TSP or small packet of chicken or vegetable bouillon or soup base

  1. Place all ingredients (except for 1/2 cup of steamed broccoli) into the blender container in the order listed and secure lid.
  2. Select Variable 1.
  3. Turn machine on (with lid on but allowing steam to escape) and slowly increase speed to variable 10, then to High.
  4. Blend for 5-6 minutes or until heavy steam escapes from vented lid.
  5. Add rest of broccoli (just leave a couple for garnish) and mix in blender on low for 15 seconds
  6. Pour into a bowl, garnish with 2 or 3 small broccoli flowerettes
    Enjoy your healthy soup!

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