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Hey Awesome ones…Today I want to share 17 pieces from my closet and wardrobe that I consider FUN fashion. Let’s face it, sometimes we want to feel a little happier and these clothing items make me smile when I’m wearing them. I will show you funny socks, cartoon watches and earrings, shoes and purses that will put a smile on you face along with retro and memory clothing too! If you want to change your state, choose something today to wear that makes you feel happy. Whether it’s a memory or a happy slogan, it can help cheer you up. Although many of my viewers are mature women over 50 & over 60, this video could be of interest to a woman in her thirties or forties too. Enjoy! (if you want to find similar styles to what I’ve shown in this video, simply scroll down and you’ll find the links)
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Fun Sunglasses    Fun Sunglasses (Amazon)

UV Protection Sunglasses    UV Protection Sunglasses (Amazon)

Straw Handbag    Straw Purse Handbags (Amazon)

Selection of Straw Handbags    Selection of Straw Handbags (Amazon)

Pom Pom Tassles for Bags    Pom Pom Tassles for Straw Bags (Amazon)

Straw Hat Selection    Straw Hats (Amazon)

Straw Cowboy Hats    Straw Cowboy Hats (Amazon)

Novelty Fun Purses Handbags    Novelty and Fun Purses Handbags (Amazon)

Fun Dress Boho Casual Summer Dress    Fun Boho Casual Summer Dress (Amazon)

Bathing Suit Cover Ups    Bathing Suit Cover Ups (Amazon)

Fringe Jacket Selection    Fringe Jacket Selection (Amazon)

Skorts    Skorts (Amazon)

Animal Print Scarfs    Animal Print Scarves (Amazon)

Animal Print Skirt Animal Print Skirt (Amazon)

Fun Rain Boots    Fun Rain Boots (Amazon)

Converse Sneakers    Converse Sneakers (Amazon)

Fun Socks Fun Socks (Amazon)

Fun Earrings    Fun Earrings (Amazon)

Fun Necklaces    Fun Necklaces (Amazon)

Mickey Mouse Watches    Mickey Mouse Watches (Amazon)

Christmas Sweaters    Christmas Sweaters (Amazon)

Fun T-Shirts    Fun TShirts (Amazon)

Concert T-Shirts    Concert TShirts (Amazon)

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