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It’s Our Time to Shine!

Let’s make something clear…

If we’re over 50, we’re not dead yet
We could have 40 or more years left
It’s time we chose to Rock this World
Rather than just becoming invisible
Let’s shine on with our wisdom and
Our sense of love & gratitude
Let’s get dressed up, feel beautiful and
Dance like no-one’s watching

Shine on you amazing Awesome over 50’s
The world is waiting for you!!

This Month’s Blog

Lately, I’ve been catching myself when I start thinking of all the things I’m missing out on or will miss out on in the near future. Events such as big family get-togethers, restaurant celebrations and even strolling through the mall. Believe or not I loved the Christmas windows and finding special gifts for my loved ones. Feeling like I’m “missing out” is a rabbit hole that I don’t want to spiral down into.

I have a new habit now and that’s to change my state. Once you realize that you can do this, it’s life-changing. Once I think about something I’m going to miss, I think of an alternative. Here’s how it goes…

Can’t see loved ones in person… I mastered Zoom calls and Face Time (make sure you have questions ready for these calls with your kids or it gets boring fast LOL)

Can’t go to your favorite restaurant… Delivery or Take-out options have expanded in many areas. Many places are even giving away free entrees with a certain amount spent. It’s not just Pizza and Chinese Food anymore. I recently ordered Pad Tai & even two Steak Dinners from my favorite steakhouse!

Can’t Attend Concerts, Musical Plays… I’m now a subscriber on Netflix & I love it! I also am using my recording gizmo that my cable company rented to me. Between the two I have many movies, documentaries and even concerts available and the great thing is that I don’t have to sit through the commercials!

There are many other things to mention here but my suggestion to you is to just get creative. Instead of feeling of lack, think of something to replace it that will make you feel abundant. It works!

Take care Awesome Ones and stay safe- Heather

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Thanks For Your Comments

Janice T.

I’m 58 yrs old & have not worn makeup since my mid-20s and now you are the one to teach me how to put the stuff on LOL

Carol S.

Thank you for all the wonderful videos you and Bill are making. I am a retired school teacher and wanted to let you know how enjoyable it is to watch your videos…


I cannot put into words how freaking happy I am to have found your channel, oh my word, now to binge watch all your tutorials! :o)