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 It’s 2021- Now what ??!

By now many of us are realizing that the resolutions we made on New Year’s Day just aren’t working out that great. I’m here to tell you that’s OK.

Many of us can’t help but feel lost and misguided. Somehow our get-up-and-go got up and went. We seem to prefer the sofa and watching TV over implementing our plans to complete our goals or resolutions.

I think we should all give each other permission for more space for rest, relaxation and RE-SETTING. This is still the time to be kind to yourself (and others). We’ve all been through a dark period of history and each day still brings with it a share of challenges.

The good news is… you’re still standing! Embrace growth but allow yourself to do it at a healthy pace. You still need to seek out happiness but mix it with a measure of coping. You are an awesome one and you can get through this and still make 2021 incredible.

A little re-setting, a little bit of kindness to yourself and don’t forget to leave a little room for the Divine to step in and “You’ve got this!”

Take care Awesome Ones and stay safe.


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Thanks For Your Comments

Janice T.

I’m 58 yrs old & have not worn makeup since my mid-20s and now you are the one to teach me how to put the stuff on LOL

Carol S.

Thank you for all the wonderful videos you and Bill are making. I am a retired school teacher and wanted to let you know how enjoyable it is to watch your videos…


I cannot put into words how freaking happy I am to have found your channel, oh my word, now to binge watch all your tutorials! :o)